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Cristina Vilallonga’s carefully crafted compositions show off her great creative exigence and increasingly personal style. Since 2010 she has focused both on instrumental works and performing, searching for a subtle, fluid sound that can reflect the continual dialogue between herself and the world around her.

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Resistencia I: Riendas (2023) 

for piano
Stella Polaris éditions

Con ayuda del viento (2022) 

for  guitar, solo in the book Dits Màgics
editor: ACC&SGAE

Entramado (2020)

for Tango quintet
editor: Stella Polaris éditions


Tal vez la mano en sueños (2020) *

for vocal quartet and corni di bassetto
poem by A.Machado

Coriolis (2019) *

for violin and piano
editor: Stella Polaris éditions 


Hierve la noche (2019) *

for piano and saucepan
editor: Stella Polar
is éditions


Descente En Rappel (2016) *

Premiered at Auditori Eduard Toldrà, CMMB, 1 December 2016, Barcelona by Zoco Duo at Temporada Música D'Ara
Oboe: Laura Karney

Guitar: Jacob Cordover

Aspiratio (2015) *

Orchestra - Premiered at Mdina Biennale by Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Raoul Lay


Flores de una día

For Violin solo

La Cage Ouverte (2015)

For Marimba solo for Miquel Bernat

Premiered at VI Cycle of Contemporary music concerts at Bilbao, January 2016.

Decepción (2014)*

Piano - Premiered by Jordi Lopez November 2014

Temporada musica d’ara, Sala Mompou, SGAE Barcelona

Espirals (2012)*

Violin solo (Espiral, Espiral excèntric, Espiral blau)

Violin: Vera Martinez-Mehner, recorded by Miquel Roger, June 2012. 

Romance de la Pena Negra

Music to the text by Federico García Lorca for the play Paquita la Ibérica, premiered at LLoc de Pas, ACC, Sala Mompou, SGAE, Barcelona.

Wind trio, Conversación (2011)

Premiered by OBC Trio (Ob, Bb Cla, Fgt) Temporada Música D’Ara, Auditori Mompou, SGAE Barcelona

Mosaicos (2010)*

For Ensemble -  Premiered at l’Auditori, by ACC Ensemble Barcelona, at Festival Música D’Ara. 

Faust i Maria (2009)

String Quartet, soprano and tenor voices

For the show Another Faust, a Multimedia piece, Temporada Música D’Ara

The Garden Next Door (Der Garten Von Nebenan) (2005)*


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Aprês L’abîme (1997)*

Cello and Piano

Publishing Editorial Boileau

Recorded by:

Cello: Manuel Martinez del Fresno
Piano: Jordi Masó

Fantasía Fugaz (1990-91)

Symphonic Orchestra

El Alma Del Invierno (1989) Version Boston Quintet *

String Orchestra - Premiered at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass. (First Prize at Berklee String competition)

Silvia, String Quintet (1989)

Suite for Orchestra (1988)

Wind Quintet (1988)

Premiered at the Berklee College of Music.


* Audio track provided in playlist

Pòpulus (1995)

Music for the dance show for contemporary dance company, Nats Nus, Barcelona

Que Dius que què (1994)*

Music for the dance show for contemporary dance company, Nats Nus, Barcelona

Vals Cristaline (1994)

For Violin and Piano, for Le cirque invisible by Victoria Chaplin and Jean Baptiste Thierré, Paris 

Bolero (1993)*

Music for the dance show Bolero for the contemporary dance company Nats Nus, Barcelona

Video Danse Graons (1993)

Music composed for Video-Danse Graons, for the contemporary dance company Nats Nus Dansa, Barcelona


Somcinc (1992)*

Music for the dance show for company Nats Nus, at Cultural Olympics, Barcelona 


Music of the work of art-video Anada, by Pedro Ballesteros



* Audio track provided in playlist

L’École des hommes 

Music for the filmClasse libre, by Clara Elalouf.
TS Productions, Paris.

Tarjeta Roja 

Music for the short film Tarjeta Roja, by Elena Vilallonga.

Selection at The Venezia Festival.

Bamboleho *

Music for the short film Bamboleho, by Luis Prieto special mention at the Festival de Veneci. Selected at the AFIFEST. First prize at the Tribeca Film Festival.

El Domini Dels Sentits

Film Scoring for the film El Domini Dels Sentits for Swann Europea de Cinema, Barcelona, Spain

Para qué sirve un marido *

Film Scoring for the television series Para qué sirve un marido for TVE (13 chapters), by Rosa Vosgés, Madrid, Spain.

El Sistema de Robert Hein

Film Scoring for the television film, El Sistema de Robert Hein by J.M. Salgot, for TV3, Barcelona, Spain

Suspicious Agenda

Film Scoring for the movie Suspicious Agenda, for Saban Entertainment Inc., Hollywood, California, USA



Film Scoring for the television film Veo-Veo, for TV3, de Maria Ripoll, Catalonia, Spain

Cocó *

Music for the short film Cocó, PCM Produccions, Barcelona, Spain


* Audio track provided in playlist

Slow Motion *

Te quiero hasta donde quieras *

Blue To Me *





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