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Cristina Vilallonga, composer, singer and songwriter- with a voice emblematic of electronic  tango– sings  her own texts and the poetry of authors like Théophile de Viau, Victor Obiols et Blanca LLum Vidal that she has set to music. To this repertoire other songs are added from authors like Chabuca Granda, Diego Schissi and Mili Bermejo. She´s accompanied at the piano by Albert Bover, one of the most renowned jazz pianists of Spain.

This duo offers us a personal  and poetic universe where  jazz standards and other rhythms of the new continent go hand in hand. Texts in French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Music open to different influences, music undoubtedly from today which does not  ignore tradition.


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Singer,  songwriter  and composer a Cristina Vilallonga is a complete artist. The voice, more emblematic of electronic tango, is one of those performers able to tell a story  and do it with and exquisite diction.

            She forms a duo with  Argentinian  bandoneonist Victor Villena of whom the NY Times has written: « an emotional  universe in itself. A master of the instrument. » Together, with a personal language they explore the different colors of classic tango,  of composers  and poets such as Homero Manzi, Jorge Luis Borges, Anibal Troilo, and Virgilio y Homero Expósito. To this repertoire Cristina Vilallonga adds her own songs and Victor Villena  adds some of his  solo repertoire, mainly of new works.  Music of Fernando Otero, Enrique Delfino,  Julian Aguirre, Daniel Binelli, and Leonardo Sánchez.

             Respecting  the style , rhythmic nature  and roots of tango, this duo opens a rich dialogue between Europe and America and offers us a voyage of urban poetry, passion and melancholy.
The intimate formula – voice and bandoneon – preserves the essence of this  music and at the same time expresses it in an intense and free way.

Workshops: Tango Singing and More

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Cristina Vilallonga: Voice and Piano

Pablo Murgier: Piano


This workshop is suited for any person with a minimum experience in singing and in Spanish language, that is interested in tango repertoire and Argentinian folklore. During a period of four days, we will decode the different musical styles of Argentinian music. The approach to Tango del Río de la Plata, the milonga and also some song-forms of Argentinian folklore, including thematics of texts. We will experiment a voyage to a universe of great musical richness and contrast of emotions. To sing this music is to express yourself from the essence, to feel the force of melodies from the earth. We will sing a repertoire with chosen compositions in advance. This workshop includes vocal technique, individual and group repertoire and final concert of participants.

Singing and Teaching

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My way of teaching starts by searching in each case the conciliation with a sound of its own. I privilege the breathing, the song line, and the good health of the instrument, identify the limits for later expanding borders. My aim is to contribute to the formation of the young singer remembering that he/she is a musician, working on melody, rhythm and understanding of the harmony.

Everyone has a poetic and/or phonetic universe and his particular way of expressing it. I give tools for finding her/his own path to tell a story or simply to make the listener submerge into his own world thanks to authenticity and unicity in the vocal delivery. When I sing I am interested in telling a story with emotion. I feel close to tango, latin american repertoire and jazz. But also Song in its' most porous form.


“Cuando canto me interesa emocionar y contar una historia, me nutro de los géneros latinoamericanos, del tango, del jazz, de la canción popular en su forma más permeable y del "lied", madre de la línea de canto.


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