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Vilallonga - Villena

Singer, songwriter and composer Cristina Vilallonga is a complete artist. The voice, more emblematic of electronic tango, is one of those performers able to tell a story and do it with and exquisite diction.

She forms a duo with Argentinian bandoneonist Victor Villena of whom the NY Times has written: « an emotional universe in itself. A master of the instrument. » Together, with a personal language they explore the different colors of classic tango, of composers and poets such as Homero Manzi, Jorge Luis Borges, Anibal Troilo, and Virgilio y Homero Expósito. To this repertoire Cristina Vilallonga adds her own songs and Victor Villena adds some of his solo repertoire, mainly of new works. Music of Fernando Otero, Enrique Delfino, Julian Aguirre, Daniel Binelli, and Leonardo Sánchez.

Respecting the style , rhythmic nature and roots of tango, this duo opens a rich dialogue between Europe and America and offers us a voyage of urban poetry, passion and melancholy.

The intimate formula – voice and bandoneon – preserves the essence of this music and at the same time expresses it in an intense and free way.


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